Chanticleer, which dates from an early 20th century estate, is a public garden in suburban Philadelphia that has been offering unique horticultural experiences to visitors since 1993. Featuring native and exotic plants spread over 35 acres, this meditative
landscape is tended to by a staff of 20 full-time employees and seasonal volunteers.

With the goal of increasing accessibility and enhancing visitor experience, a new, 530-foot-long steel pathway was installed on the main lawn. At a grade of no more than eight percent, this steel structure will allow for a gentle stroll up and down the main path. At more than six feet wide, the pathway is also able to accommodate wheelchairs, making it fully ADA compliant. A LEED-certified, porous fill material forms the actual path, furthering Chanticleer’s mission of ecological responsibility.

Location: Wayne, PA
Structural Engineer: CVM