Safety is a fundamental value at CVMNEXT Construction. Our Safety Program commits all individuals and companies employed and contracted by CVMNEXT to proactively protect the public safety and to ensure that every worker on each jobsite returns home healthy each day.

We focus on training and safety awareness at the individual level, and seek to improve policies and procedures at the organizational scale to safely and effectively plan, implement and monitor the work on our jobsites. All construction personnel employed by CVMNEXT have OSHA 10-hour certification. Our field personnel – including Superintendents, Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers – have 30-hour OSHA certification.

In addition, our team includes an independent third party agency who assists us in the ongoing development, refinement and implementation of our Safety Program and procedures, focusing on regular site inspections for all active job sites. Our in-house safety team, which includes employees at every level of the company, collaborates with this group to:

  • continually re-evaluate and improve safety procedures
  • keep the company Safety Manual up to date with industry best practices
  • develop thoughtful site-specific safety plans
  • audit jobsite safety via regular site visits
  • monitor in-house and subcontractor activities