The first home in America of John James Audubon, Mill Grove serves as the base of operations for Audubon Pennsylvania, which operates the site jointly with Montgomery County. As owner’s representative, CVMNEXT has assisted Audubon and the County in the development and execution of three separate projects, renewing and improving this National Historic Landmark.

CVMNEXT first managed a complex master-planning effort, which considered the restoration of the historic homestead building and barn, the programming and planning of a new visitor’s center and the preservation of the site’s natural resources. Services during this phase included selection and management of the design team; the drafting of programmatic and project requirements for the visitor’s center; the development of cost models, schedules and construction bid packages; and iterative logistics planning. Additionally, CVMNEXT hosted an intensive, multi-day design charrette that resulted in the concept for the new facility, which would be known as the John James Audubon Center for Art and Conservation.

As elements of the master plan moved toward design and construction, CVMNEXT continued to be involved as Owner-Partner Representative, establishing and managing project budgets and guiding the selection of and managing the design and construction teams for the homestead, barn and JJA Center for Art and Conservation. As the Center design evolved, we provided cost-estimating services and oversight of multi-prime contractor bidding. We continue to serve as Owner’s Representative as construction begins, with completion scheduled for 2018.

Location: Audubon, PA
Architects: Atkin Olshin Schade Architects and Viridian Landscape Studio (master plan), SMP Architects (homestead and barn), Kimmel-Bogrette Architecture and Site (John James Audubon Center for Art and Conservation)