The Metropolitan is considered to be an Art Deco landmark, and is one of Center City’s finest luxury apartment buildings. As project manager and general contractor, CVMNEXT oversaw a comprehensive restoration of the building exterior and the improvement of the entry, exterior sidewalk and lobby.

Exterior work consisted of a detailed restoration of the building’s masonry skin, including resurfacing of the delicate polychrome terra cotta at the roofline. Extensive window refurbishing involved the refinishing of all steel casement sashes, cast iron grillwork and decorative metal, as well as the installation of zinc-treated steel angles. The roof terrace was resurfaced and now features a dramatic new canopy,  while period-appropriate lighting and metal work was installed on the ground floor. CVMNEXT scope also included securing all necessary municipal approvals, including a rigorous review by the City’s Historical Commission, as well as assembling and managing the consultant team.

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Bolender Architects
Lighting: The Lighting Practice