Pier 9 Hosts Fringe Festival Installation

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As part of this year’s Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the artist Ann Hamilton has transformed the Pier 9 warehouse along the Delaware River into an immersive, interactive art installation featuring giant, cylindrical, Tyvek curtains controlled by a pulley system. As visitors manipulate the system’s controls, the curtains form floating, abstract masses, creating “an interior landscape within which, suspended in time, a visitor can be both lost and held.” Entitled habitus, the installation opens on Saturday, and is free.

In 2011, the owner of Pier 9, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, commissioned a feasibility study of the structure to assess the suitability of the pier’s deck and superstructure for such public events. CVMNEXT served as pre-construction manager for the study, working with architect Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. In addition to the assessment, the study also identified potential programmatic options for future development.